Ashton Koh

Ashton has garnered many years of experience in providing instructional vocal training and has been active in the performing industry for 15 years. He has received multiple awards in recognition for his vocal prowess and has also graced both local & overseas stages. In recent years, Ashton can be seen on the judging panel of many large-scale singing competitions and is also involved in holding vocal workshops and seminars for several established institutions.

Ashton has been involved in concerts as a back-up vocalist and has also done back-up singing for numerous artistes such as Ah Du and JJ Lin in their studio albums. He has also rendered his voice for the recording of Ocean Butterflies track of《唱响世界》as well as for Jack Neo’s prominent local productions, I Not Stupid and I Not Stupid 2.

Notably, Ashton has provided instructional vocal training for artistes including Shirley Yee (伊雪莉), Cheryl Wee (黄馨慧), Jeanie Zhang (張婧), Shaun Chen (陈泓宇), Kanny Theng (伶恩) and Lucky (王施引) and is currently an acclaimed vocal instructor.

Ashton currently performs as a guitarist + vocalist with Yan Hua and Nat in a 3 piece band setup or with Jumpstart as a 4 piece band setup.