Stella’s sweet, dulcet tone is a delight at any event, but more than that, she definitely packs a punch! She release her debut EP 梦想的翅膀》in October 2014 and some of her recorded songs include: 愛不要遺憾, the theme song of a Singapore Telemovie “Love Shakes”《心動》, starring Fann Wong, Zheng Geping among other local stars. 

She landed the lead role in Toy Factory Production’s highlight Mandarin musicalDecember Rain 雨季in 2015 andInnamorati 2 唯二in 2017.

She was also was appointed to perform at the A-Nation Concert, alongside with international acts like Aaron Yan and Ayumi Hamasaki, and the only Singapore artiste who performed at the concert.

Stella was one of the finalist forSing China 2017, under team Na Ying and in November 2019, she released her first full album《朋友说》as a duo named “StellaVee”.