Ruth Kueo Miaoru

4W9A0174 copyMiaoru is a highly sought after singer-songwriter for weddings and corporate event. She transits between pop jazz, bossa nova and high energy pop songs effortlessly and is also recognised for her eloquence and billinguality for live performances. She has garnered some of the industry’s most influential personalities’ affirmations as a promising singer-songwriter and all rounded artiste. Beneath her sweet and petite deposition lies a set of powerhouse vocals which has earn her much recognition on local and international stages. She represented Singapore in Taiwan’s televised popular talent search show, Million Star. Super Idol, 金牌麦克风,我要当歌手, and is also one of the Top 5 singers in the Voice of China Singapore selections. Miaoru released an EP album titled <Conversations With> in 2013 and a full length album titled “The Greatest Journey” in 2017 with songs all self penned. She has also sung many demos for artistes like JJ Lin, Joi Chua, Zhang Jing, and is also the singer for many radio jingles and Mediacorp theme songs. Some of her memorable local performances include:

  • Huayi Festival Esplanade Showcase 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Sold out Showcase at Livehouse Singapore in 2016
  • Alive Concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium
  • In::Music at Esplanade Annexe Studio in 2018
  • Ci Yuan Charity Dinner graced by PM Lee Hsien Loong
  • Mercedes Benz CLA Class Events and Private Dinners
  • Kebun Bahru NDP2014 singalong with PM Lee Hsien Loong, and many other NDP community celebrations till 2018


Some of the corporate clients she has performed for include, Mercedes Benz, OCBC Bank, UBS, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), KBR Singapore etc. She is also a seasoned resident singer at popular live performing outlets in Singapore. Her EP and album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and KKBOX.


Live Performances

Ruth with her band 吃喝玩樂                                                                                     Ruth & Clarence Bilingual Compilation (Kiss Me, 告白氣球, 情非得已 etc)

Ruth guest performing at Shilin Singapore 2019                                                 Ruth & Nat Compilation 

Ruth on emcee                                                                                                           Ruth, Nat & Fatt  – Shanghai Jazz & Classics

Ruth on emcee                                                                                                              Sunday Morning (Ruth and keyboardist)        

Ruth performing Dialect (Hokkien) Song                                                                  Pop Jazz Compilation

White Ribbon Trio                                                                                                               White Ribbon Trio with Top 10 Popular Wedding Songs

Ruth & Fatt (Classics Compilation)                                                                     Put Your Records On – Corine Bailey Rae           

Shanghai Jazz – 夜來香                                                                                                  


 Music Videos 

 The Greatest Journey (伟大的旅行)                                                                         Unspoken Words (妙不可言) Without You 当我们不在一起                                                                                         Waiting For Love 等待