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Ariane Deborah

Ariane Deborah is not just a musician, but a captivating storyteller who weaves her personal experiences into enchanting melodies. From the tender age of 3, she embarked on a musical journey that was nurtured largely through her own dedication and passion for music. Influenced by a rich tapestry of genres including jazz pop, soul, and rhythm & blues, Ariane’s music resonates with depth and soulfulness.

Her voice, born with a unique blend of sweetness and huskiness, reflects her Taiwanese heritage and enhances her versatility as a bilingual singer fluent in both English and Mandarin. Ariane’s musical prowess extends beyond performing; she has garnered acclaim and accolades in prestigious songwriting competitions such as the Impresario, NEA Eco Music Challenge, and Destiny Music Awards, showcasing her exceptional talent and creativity in crafting emotive and evocative compositions.

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