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Benita Cheng

Benita Cheng is a Singaporean singer/actress. She is one of the top 20 Campus Superstar in 2006 and emerged one of the top 12 in Channel U’s Project Superstar 2014.

Benita is known for her wide knowledge of songs, from Broadway to Pop, English, Mandarin to Korean, she is always surprising people with her repertoire. She has won many hearts with her clear and stunning vocals.

A passion driven stage performer, Benita has gotten herself a role in a local musical by Toy Factory Productions ‘Glass Anatomy’ : The Musical alongside with Della 丁當 at the Esplanade Theatre. ‘Glass Anatomy’ moved its stage to Shanghai and Benita is honoured to be part of it. She was also part of ‘Innamorati’: The Musical alongside with Sugianto, Tay Kewei, Bonnie Loo and more.

Video Showcase

Some performances featuring Benita!