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Cloud & Party

Elevate your events with the heartbeat of live music! Cloud & Party is a 2-piece music band based in Singapore. Be mesmerised by Krystal’s sweet and powerful voice and enjoy the party with Jayden’s keyboard backing! They perform in English, Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese.

Cloud & Party deliver a diverse range of musical genres to suit any mood or theme. Whether you need pop songs or oldies, Disney or ballads, they tailor our performances to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. They also take song requests on the spot!

Their energetic and interactive performances ensure that your guests are not just spectators but active participants in the musical journey. Let the music move you!

Whether it’s an intimate gathering, corporate event, wedding, community event or a lively party, Cloud & Party adapts to the vibe of your event seamlessly. Their extensive repertoire guarantees a musical journey that resonates with everyone in the room.

They are like a full band packaged a 2-piece! Need a dance vibe? High energy? Their versatile keyboardist will bring you drum beats and basslines that will keep your party going!

Video Showcase

Some performances featuring Cloud & Party!