• 1. Can I have the price list for your live music packages?

    Most certainly! Drop us an email at services@whiteribbon.sg and we will get back to you within 2 working days. Prices for the live music packages vary according the size of band e.g. 3-pc, 4-pc band etc., as well as the duration of live music performance required. We are more than happy to work something out according your needs.
  • 2. Why should I engage White Ribbon Live Music?

    Affordable and competitive charges

    Having live music performances at your wedding/event is now more consumer-friendly with our competitively-priced live music packages, which we guarantee to be more appealing than what is out in the market. We are more than happy to work something out according to your budget/ needs. Quality music at an attractive price, you have us!

    Professional & Experienced

    Our team comprises of professional musicians, singer-songwriter, vocal/instrument instructors, radio DJs with many years of performing experience. To date, our musicians have conquered countless stages in Singapore, as well as regional stages in Asia (Taiwan, China, Malaysia & Thailand).
    Some prominent showcases/music involvements of our musicians include, President Star Charity, popular Taiwan talent-search programme – Million Star 华人星光大道, Mediacorp concerts, demo vocalist/ back-up vocalists for artistes such as JJ Lin, Joi Chua, Kit Chan, Mavis Hee etc, soundtrack of movie production and as well as many other music endeavors.

    Versatile in many music genres and languages

    Our versatility in many music genres and languages can definitely cater to your needs. Be it english, mandarin, dialect, or even the new wave of korean pop music, our wide range of repertoire is sure to entertain your guests throughout the wedding/event. We sing anything from jazz, bossa nova, evergreen classics/ oldies to modern pop, R&B, soft rock/pop rock, mandopop and are well versed in many languages.

    Passionate and Dedicated

    We take pride in what we deliver – quality music. We also seek to establish a good relationship with all our clients so as to cater to their needs. From glamorous wedding/corporate functions to cozy private affairs, you can be assured of our promise to deliver the most classy experience to all our clients.
  • 3. Can I request for a special song to be performed during my wedding?

    Sure! We can work out a song list with the special songs you would like to be included and sung on your big day. We welcome you to sing and dedicate a song to your loved ones on this special day too. Your guests can also feel free to make song requests and dedications during the celebration at no additional costs! An additional charge is applicable only if rehearsal with the band on a separate is required. No additional charge if you can go through your customised requests with the band on the day of the celebration during the sound check.
  • 4. What instruments do your musicians play?

    Our musicians can play piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, cajon, footdrum, saxophone, violin, bass, standing bass, flute. We can also provide pure instrumentals (instrumental duo or string quartet) for your wedding & event.
  • 5. Can the band sing my march-in songs?

    Most definitely. Singing for your march-in is part of all our packages.
  • 6. Will I be able to select the songs to be played by the band?

    Yes. You can pick the songs from our existing song repertoire or add in the ones you prefer if they are not already in the list.
  • 7. Will your singers be able to double up as emcees for my wedding celebration?

    Yes. Some of our singers are able to double up as emcees for your celebration. Additional top-ups are required according to respective rates.
  • 8. Can I select my preferred singer?

    You can select your preferred singer from our list of singers. Do note that it is subjected to the singer's availability on the date. If you do not have any preference, feel free to leave this to us and we will make arrangements based on your song choices.
  • 9. What combination of instruments can I have for the band size I've opted for?

    Instrumentation of the band is dependant on your song choices as well as the song genre (jazz, pop etc) you are looking at. If you do not have any preference, feel free to leave this to us and we will make arrangements for the best combination of singer and musicians for your celebration.
  • 10. How do I make a booking?

    To make a booking, we require a 50% deposit payable by cheque, cash, internet banking or bank transfer to our corporate OCBC account. An electronic invoice will be issued after deposit is made. We will then secure the date, time and price upon receiving the deposit. Our availability and pricing is subjected to changes without confirmation of booking and all bookings are based on first- come-first-serve basis.
  • 11. Any cancellation policy?

    There will be no refund of deposit in any circumstances. By placing the deposit, you agree to all our terms and conditions (sent via email)
  • 12. How do I make the remaining payment?

    Remaining balance can be paid via cheque, cash, internet banking or bank transfer to our OCBC corporate account by the celebration date. *To be advised separately for corporate events
  • 13. What do I have to do after I have placed my deposit with White Ribbon?

    Hiring a live band is hassle free, we only need your song choices (selected from our song list + your preferred ones not in the list) and a soft copy of your event flow. To put your mind at ease, you can also link us up with your banquet manager or any person in charge and we will do the necessary liaison.
  • 14. Can I have a preview of the live band at any venues?

    There are a few options if you would like to have a preview of the band. 1) Coming down to one of our sound checks prior to the start of the events & celebration. We will fill your in on the schedule. 2) Have a preferred singer in mind? Let us know and we will keep you updated with the singer's regular singing schedule at the various live music outlets in Singapore. Feel free to go down to these venue to have a listen!
  • 15. Can I meet up with anyone to firm up some details before placing a deposit?

    Yes. However, meet ups are not necessary as confirmation of our live band services are mostly done via online correspondence. Having said so, we will be glad to meet up with you face to face to put your mind at ease!
  • 16. What time will the band arrive on the day?

    Live band will arrive at 11am for soundcheck for lunch events and 6pm for soundcheck for dinner events. If your event is not according to the usual timings, soundcheck timing will be advised separately.
  • 17. Is it mandatory to engage external sound system?

    Yes. It is mandatory to hire sound system setup from us. 99% of our clients opt for this sound system package. We strictly do not profit from the sound system as the set-up is done by external sound company. Having a professional live band at your wedding celebration is an excellent entertainment for you & your guests. Quality & clarity of music is important to achieve these. Opting for the additional sound package makes it hassle-free when you are unsure about venue's sound system. Inbuilt sound systems at most venues are usually PA systems which are mostly used for speeches and playing of cd music and are not ideal for live music. Our clients do not hire sound system from us when the venue or external events company they have hired is able to provide us with ALL of these items: 1 mixer (with available inputs for the band size you have opted for) / Sound monitors (Number of monitors TBA) / Vocal microphones (Number of microphones TBA) / Professional Speakers / XLR cables (Number of cables TBA) / Microphone & Music Stands (Number of stands TBA)