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Huibing Ng

HuiBing’s versatility to sing a wide variety of music genres, from oldies, pop to jazz, has made her a familiar sight at weddings and other corporate functions. A demo singer for publishing firms, she has recorded numerous local compositions, commercial jingles, including songs for Singapore Day in Shanghai. She also lent her dulcet voice to the theme and sub-theme songs of various Mediacorp drama serials, such as ‘Breakout’, ‘The In-Laws’ and ‘The Score’.

An experienced emcee and performer, she has participated in many events at the Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens, National Arts Museum and the Singapore Conference Hall. Furthering her interest in music, she is currently a vocal instructor, imparting her knowledge about singing to those who are similarly keen on music.

Video Showcase

Some performances by Huibing!