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Jim Koh

Jim is an effectively bilingual emcee and has been hosting since 17. When he was a freshman in the National University of Singapore (NUS), Jim was given many opportunities to hone his hosting skills. He was invited by many organizations and has hosted for numerous concerts, roadshows and Dinner and Dance for the last 6 years. Jim’s qualifications in Statistics and Business Management have enabled him to see things from a logical, business point of view. This has also influenced him in crafting his hosting style to cater specifically to meet the event’s objective.

Some of the organizations Jim has worked with include the Asian Pacific Breweries, Far East Organization, Wonjin Aesthetic Surgery and many more. In addition, during his one year exchange trip in 2010 to China, Jim also took on many hosting invitations. This unique experience trained him to be effectively bilingual in both Mandarin and English. In that same year, Jim was also invited to act in several stage productions in China and this was his first encounter with acting. Shortly after he returned to Singapore in August 2011.

Jim was quickly connected to the film industry in Singapore and he was privileged to be part of various productions. He has since been featured in several short films and TVCs. The few months of working in the entertainment industry has been tough. But Jim was also very blessed to meet many wonderful directors, actors and professionals in this industry. He is mentored by Singapore celebrity emcee and actor, Ckay Lim. Jim is currently a full-time freelance Singapore actor and emcee.

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