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Little Band Plus

Established in 2015, Little Band is a highly versatile multilingual band in Singapore

The band covers popular tunes from the 80s till today, in English, Mandarin, Malay, Dialects (Cantonese & Hokkien), and even Japanese. From soothing ballads, oldies, classic to upbeat numbers, their synergy and strong vocal prowess is able to engage well with a wide array of audience and bring life to every song. They are full time local singers and musicians, actively performing and delivering great live music experiences to our audiences across Singapore for the past 9 years.

They deliver energetic shows every week at a local bar, ensuring a consistently engaging experience for our audience. With a wide and rich repertoire, they tailor music to suit customers’ specific needs, providing personalised and memorable musical experience for any occasion. Little Band Plus consists of full-time singers and musicians who are highly dedicated to their craft, bringing exceptional talent, passion, and stamina to every performance. The versatile band is capable of delivering both lively and emotional renditions of songs across different genres and transits from ballads to pop jazz to high energy pop hits effortlessly because of their unique instrument combinations.

Video Showcase

Some incredible performance by our team