Singer-songwriter with a sweet voice, Meiting’s music and osunds bears hints of Taiwanese indie singer-songwriters Cheer Chen and Crowd Lu, often writing about the small details in life and injecting humour into her original work.

The songbird has also performed her originals at notable venues such as the Esplanade Concourse, Esplanade Annexe Studio, as well as Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

After releasing three digital singles in 2016, the singer-songwriter
launched her debut EP 《別擔心!我不是壞人》 in June 2018 at the Esplanade Recital Studio, with one of the tracks 《住在天狼星的那個人》hitting StreetVoice charts at #1.

Most notably, Meiting was featured in’s new initiative 《创新声》 in October 2018, where she worked with K-pop producer Gen Neo on her latest single 《巴黎的十二點》. After the episode, the song
hit #3 on the Global Chinese Golden Chart, and its music video was released this February 2019.