IMG_4510 (1)Vanessa went all out in her performing endeavours at the age of 5, after falling
irrevocably in love with Disney. Devoted to improving her kinesthetic abilities,
Vanessa undertook training in various genres of dance and took up Drama since
Primary School. Upon graduation, her dedication landed her roles in “Glass
Anatomy” (2013, 2014) & “December Rains” (2015) with Toy Factory, while her
sunshine disposition led to her starring in “Goldilocks & the Three Bears” (2015)
and the “Three Little Pigs” (2013) with the Singapore Repertory Theatre.
Vanessa has been the choreographer for the Chingay Parade and was the voice
and lyricist behind various contingents’ original theme songs from 2012-2014.
She is also the lyricist and vocalist behind HPB’s mini-album for healthy living
(for preschoolers), numerous jingles for agencies like NEA, MOM and PUB as well
as the voice-actor for “Paula” in OKTO’s “Math World”. Earnest in her
endeavors to improve on her vocal technique, she went under the tutelage of
Wendy Woon in 2014 and has never looked back since.
A proud Graduate with Distinction from Edith Cowan University in Psychology
(class of 2013), it is Vanessa’s eventual goal to fuse the Helping Profession with
the Arts. She is currently putting in her utmost to develop herself into becoming
a humanistic performer whose performance will touch the lives of her audience,
like how her life was entirely transformed by Music & Theatre.