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Sean H., the dynamic Taiwanese singer and musician, is celebrated for his electrifying performances that captivate audiences in both Singapore and Taiwan. Born in 1989, he honed his musical skills at the National Taiwan University of Arts, graduating with a degree in applied music—a pivotal moment that laid the groundwork for his illustrious career. In 2012, Sean H. embarked on his solo journey with the release of his debut album, showcasing his versatile vocal prowess and musical ingenuity. He also garnered acclaim as the lead singer of the band 张三李四 (Zhang San Li Si) and his artistic achievements are underscored by numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Vocal Group Award at the Golden Melody Awards (金曲奖) in 2016. In 2020, Sean H. further demonstrated his songwriting acumen by clinching the Best Original Song title at the Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest (台湾原创流行音乐大奖). Continuing to push boundaries, Sean H. collaborated with the esteemed Ricky Hsiao (萧煌奇) in 2021 on the captivating song 《舞台》("Stage"), showcasing his ability to merge different musical influences seamlessly. Sean H.'s performances are marked by their electrifying energy, effortlessly connecting with audiences and leaving a lasting impression wherever he performs.

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